Our Mission

What do we care about at Red Clover Farm LLC? We have three priorities: grow healthy food, care for the earth, and build flourishing communities.

Healthy Food

We believe healthy food starts with healthy soil. That's why we use no-till agricultural methods - to build the soil up rather than deplete it. These methods also allow us to avoid using herbicides and pesticides, which aren't good for the consumer or the environment.

Earth Care

Caring for the earth is more than just building up soil. We limit the machinery we use and do as much hand labor as possible. We use biointensive methods to grow the most produce possible in a small area. In partnership with our host, Fat Chance Farm, we use composted manure from other animals on the property as fertilizer. And when you buy from us your produce doesn't have to be transported thousands of miles to get to you. We also use minimal packaging on our produce, so you will receive less plastic than you might at the grocery store.


Building flourishing communities is also important to us. We see ourselves as a part of the community in Lamoille Valley and we want to see it flourish. Right now we believe the best way we can serve our community is by partnering with Fat Chance Farm to provide contact-free delivery service!